Your host
to the hotel

John M Rusterholz doesn’t think much of mottos. “A motto? I don’t have any motto,“ the host at Marktgasse Hotel states with disarming openness. He rather focuses on what’s going on day by day. What the experimented hotelier particularly likes is, according to his own statement, “simply everything – guests, staff members, projects, concepts, travels“. As a trained restaurant-specialist and then hotelier, he was already at home anywhere in the world, from Zurich to Hongkong, from South Africa to the cruise liner, and back again. When not busy at work in the hotel, John M. Rusterholz likes to test various restaurant concepts – also in Zurich. It’s thus hardly surprising that he knows some good venues in his hometown when it is about the tastiest rösti or cocktail. Where? That’s what he reveals in his “Perfect Day“!

My perfect day