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John M. Rusterholz – Hotel Zürcherhof

Our long-term staff are particularly dedicated to our guests, demonstrating enthusiasm and passion every day.

Daily surprises included: John M. Rusterholz on his life as a hotelier

Why did John M. Rusterholz become a hotelier? “It was destiny” explains the likeable host with a twinkle in his eye. This is because his job led him halfway round the world and back again: Through Switzerland, Germany, South Africa, Asia and the Middle East on a cruise ship back to Zurich, where he now manages the “Zürcherhof” with passion and expertise. At work he knows how to appreciate his many nice members of staff and guests – and of course, the fact that each day brings new surprises. In his free time, and when he is not travelling, he enjoys making the most of his home city’s little secrets. John M. Rusterholz offers guests his best tips and favourite places.

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