Your host
to the hotel

Your host in Zurich: Martin Spycher

When guests are already looking forward to their next stay

– Martin Spycher talking about the pleasures of being a host

If Martin had not become a hotelier, he would now “be sailing the seven seas as a captain” – or, maybe, working in a gourmet restaurant: the trained chief had in fact worked in several high-end gastronomy kitchens before he finally became, after some intermediate stages, a true host at Hotel Zürcherhof. And this is the task he is fully satisfied with: “I love to get in contact with guests from all over the world,” states Martin, “and I’m glad to be their host when they visit Switzerland and, of course, our beautiful Zurich“. The job as hotelier means to him all professions in one: interaction with guests and staff, calculating, planning, organizing, and executing. Martin’s most beautiful reward: when guests, by their departure, are already looking forward to their next stay. In order to ensure this, he obviously reveals his guests some particular places and activities they should not miss.

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