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John M. Rusterholz

from John M. Rusterholz

Marktgasse Hotel

“Many shops & much history!“

When in Zurich for the first time, a visit to our Grossmünster (=great minster) – more precisely: an ascent of the tower – is a true must! The tower of this reformed evangelical church is open from 10am. And since climbing makes hungry, you may then have a breakfast at the coffee shop of tradition-rich Confiserie Sprüngli at Paradeplatz. Those preferring to take some refreshment before the ascent can of course proceed in the inverse order. And when you are now actually in the historic center, you will definitely not get bored: among so many shops and so much history, there is something for everyone!

For lunch, one should head to a true classic restaurant: the Kronenhalle is legendary. Since 1924, this venue has been a meeting point for artists, writers, businessmen but also families and other natives, with good meals in a unique ambiance featuring works ranging from Picasso to Miró. The culinary classics include Zurich ragout with rösti but also Chateaubriand or Wiener Schnitzel. Another must: the wine list and the dessert menu.

Zurich from the water

For the afternoon, I recommend a round tour with the Limmat boats: from the waterside, you can experience Zurich once more from another perspective. The Limmat tour passes by Lindenhof, Zurich City Hall, the guild houses, and Grossmünster. Then it’s time for an afternoon-tea at Baur au Lac or already a cocktail at the Baltho Bar. When you feel again somewhat hungry in the evening, pay a visit to the Ristorante Molino. They offer top-level pizza and pasta – and this at several places across the city! Wherever you want to go afterwards, a dinner at Molino should almost always be compatible with it.

Perfect epilogue both in summer and in winter

For a harmoniously epilogue of a perfect day, I have two suggestions. In summer, you’ll obviously head to the lake, e.g. to the Bauschänzli restaurant or to the Ristorante Frascati – direct at the Utoquai. This atmospheric beer garden offers a great view over the water – service is, by the way, only seasonal and under dry weather conditions! During winter und the colder months, the Zurich Opera House is worth a visit. Beyond  classic and modern opera, there are, among others, also ballet performances.

Location list

Marktgasse Hotel

Marktgasse Hotel, Marktgasse, Zürich, Switzerland

Großmünster Zurich

Grossmünster, Grossmünsterplatz, Zürich, Switzerland

Confiserie Sprüngli

Kronenhalle Zürich

Restaurant Kronenhalle, Rämistrasse, Zürich, Switzerland +41 44 262 99 00

Ristorante Molino

Molino, Stauffacherstrasse, Zürich, Switzerland


Bauschänzli, Zürich, Switzerland +41 44 212 49 19

Ristorante Frascati

Frascati, Bellerivestrasse, Zürich, Switzerland +41 43 443 06 06

Marktgasse Hotel
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