City trips

City trips to PrivateCityHotels.

Short getaways to the most fascinating cities in Europe

See world famous sights, lose yourself in museums full of grand artworks, get in touch with cities steeped in history, and experience world class cultural events: Short getaways or weekend trips to some of the most beautiful cities in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland are a great choice, offering an invaluable wealth of opportunities, from sight seeing to events and world-renowned cultural treasures. Whether you’re interested in last minute getaways or planning the trip of your dreams, PrivateCityHotels. are available in central locations to fit into your vacation plans.

PrivateCityHotels. will offer you first-class service and a unique flair, along with plenty of charm. Choose the right city hotel for your next stay from our hotels in select destinations in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland. Hotels are available in many different categories.

Get to know the world’s capitals on a short getaway

Stroll through lively pedestrian zones from tourist attraction to tourist attraction, and find yourself in places you’ve only ever seen in pictures. Admire the diverse architecture in picturesque, historic city centers, some of which goes back many centuries or even to Roman times. These metropolises are also rich in exciting shopping opportunities: the shopping streets of Zürich, Vienna, or Berlin will fulfill your every wish. Take a city trip to get to know some of the most monumental churches Germany, Austria, and Switzerland have to offer: Vienna’s Stephansdom, the Cologne cathedral, or the Münster in Freiburg are some of the most striking landmarks in their respective cities, and will excite awe and wonder in any visitor.

Enchanting cities with major flair for your city trip

Even smaller cities can have plenty of charm and well-known tourist attractions to offer: Salzburg enchants visitors with Mozart, the Salzburg Festival (Salzburger Festspiele), and a unique and historic city center; Innsbruck has mastered the interplay of city flair and alpine landscapes perfectly, and Ingolstadt offers diverse cultural opportunities in a small space. Travelers love Freiburg in the Black Forest because of its relaxed atmosphere and its focus on green urban planning.

Art and culture

The wide world of culture and art is open to you on a city trip: Musicals, theater, opera, and concerts are part of the cultural calendar in every city. Art lovers will also find plenty to love on city trips. Priceless art from every era, whether Baroque, Expressionism, or Modern, is on display in the museums of Europe. Historic cultural treasures allow visitors to dive into the histories of the cities they visit.

Offers for city trips in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland

PrivateCityHotels. are located in some of the most beautiful cities in German-speaking countries: