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Zürich city trip: Lifestyle, luxury, and the lakeside beauty

Vacation in Zürich, the most beautiful city in Switzerland

Zürich enjoys a reputation as one of the most beautiful and livable cities in Europe. A lively downtown, exciting architecture, great shopping options, a picturesque lake, and wonderful natural surroundings have all contributed to this reputation.

Between luxury and historical architecture

Zürich is not the capital of Switzerland, but it is the largest city in the country. Money has always played an important role in Zürich. Accordingly, prices can be high there. Make sure your purse is full when you set off on your vacation to Zürich, to be certain you can enjoy all the attractions the city has to offer. There are plenty of enticements to spend on Bahnhofstraße, the biggest shopping street in the city, as well as all throughout downtown. Luxury brands are around every corner, and the chocolatiers on Bahnhofstraße are also famous.

Notable churches

The oldest area in the Roman city of Zürich is Niederdorf, which locals also nickname “Dörfli.” The squares and streets on both sides of the Limmat are shaped by churches and outstanding architecture. The most striking church built there is the Grossmünster, which was built on top of the graves of city saints Felix and Regula, and whose two towers are one of the most well-known symbols of the city of Zürich. Other famous churches in Zürich include the Fraumünster and St. Peter’s, the first reformed church under Zwingli.

Idyllic location on Lake Zürich

Picturesque Lake Zürich is a true favorite of local residents and visitors alike. It stretches from the northern reaches of the city to the southeast for around 28 kilometers. Strolling on the lake promenade around Bellevue square is a great pastime, as are boat trips – a great opportunity to see the silhouette of Zürich from the water. Bürkliplatz offers a wonderful view of the lake and all the way to the Alps – as a central location right on the lake, this square is used for markets and for many artistic and other events. Trips around Lake Zürich also start from the square.

Zürich Zoo

Zürich’s zoo is one of the most beautiful and most diverse in the world. Species-appropriate habitats have been set up for over 360 types of animals on the grounds on Zürichberg. Tropical Masaola rain forest, with its treetop pathway and Kaeng Krachan elephant park are unforgettable experiences that will stay with you all your life.

Kunsthaus Zürich

Art lovers absolutely shouldn’t miss the Kunsthaus Zürich. It houses the most important collection of modern art in Zürich, as well as interesting alternating exhibits and medieval sculptures and panel paintings. International art on display ranges from Dutch and Italian Baroque paintings to the largest Munch collection outside of Norway, and works from Expressionism and Pop Art.

Vacation in Zürich at a centrally located city hotel

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