Your host
to the hotel

Christian Heck – Your hosts at Hotel Am Wartturm in Speyer

We are small but mighty! So we are not just an hotelier family but also tour guides, parking assistants, life coaches, concierges, suitcase carriers, day lighteners, advisers, and much more. The best thing about it is our passion for being all that!

When Christian Heck had completed his studies, he was spoilt for choice: should he accept one of the well-paid job offers or rather inherit his parents’ hotel? He opted for the latter and comments this choice with much humor: “If I had not become an hotelier, my personal financial situation would probably be quite better now. But I would also be much poorer as regards meeting interesting people from throughout the world and precious moments making each single working day so funny and delightful“, the native of Speyer comments his decision he never regretted. He continues to manage Hotel Am Wartturm, where he had already jobbed as a student, strictly following the family tradition – as a place where all people can meet each other in an open and friendly way. He clearly defines himself as a “feel-good host”. As such, he obviously has always a sympathetic ear for the needs of both his guests and employees and moreover reveals his best suggestions for a perfect day in his hometown. When not busy at his hotel, Christian Heck prefers to be “by himself” – as daddy, husband, and friend. In these roles, he is fond of being on the way across the beautiful city of Speyer.

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