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With a bit of luck and on detours to the dream job: your host Cora Muehlens

My hotel with a friendly and familiar atmosphere has a central, yet tranquil, excellent situation on the periphery of Bonn’s pedestrian zone. My own and my staff’s personal commitment, combined with the narrow guest relations, may have a sustainable impact on your stay. “Just like coming home.

Those wanting to experience Rhenish hospitality are in good hands with Cora Muehlens. The Bonn native is a passionate host – unsurprisingly, as she was, from an early age, involved in her parents’ life as hoteliers. Before taking the management of Hotel Deutsches Haus, she had however to tread some detours: after her school diploma, she first finished a florist apprenticeship, yet used to assist now and then her parents at their hotel. But one day, she was caught by the “hotel fever” and after numerous training courses; Cora finally took the hotel’s management – in third generation and with the strong aid of her son Miles. Here she pampers her guests with personal service and typical Rhenish cordiality. When Cora doesn’t work at her hotel, she is fond of being herself a guest of the hotels all over the world. In Bonn, she prefers strolling across the most beautiful angles of the city with her pug Wilson. Below, the hotelier talks about these sights and about what her guests can experience in her hometown. Enjoy reading and discovering!

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