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Your hosts at FLOTTWELL BERLIN Hotel & Residenz am Park: Stephan Kühne and Sabine Deeken

 Life is like a bicycle. You have to move forward in order not to lose balance. (Albert Einstein)

The FLOTTWELL BERLIN is backed by a strong duo: Stephan Kühne is co-owner, managing director, and a true newcomer. As an agricultural engineer, he looked for example after jojobas in Argentina and was incidentally active in the IT sector. These life experiences enable him to think somewhat out of the box. Being a creative thinker, he ensures that the FLOTTWELL BERLIN differs a little bit from the common city hotel and becomes a true insiders ‘tip for people looking for the particular.

And Sabine Deeken stands for the hotel industry like no one else: for more than 25 years she has been working for renowned national and international hotels, is constantly updating her education, and inspires all around her with her cheerfulness. As the director of the FLOTTWELL BERLIN, she perfectly cooperates with managing director Stephan Kühne. What both have in common is their passion for hospitality: both consider satisfied guests and co-workers and the chance to pursue even unconventional paths the highest reward for their work.

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