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Your hosts in Passau: Petra Sobott-von Jaruntowski and Wilhelm von Jaruntowski

Quality that comes from the heart, enthuses.

Why do guests feel at ease at Hotel Residenz, from the very first moment? This is no doubt due to the special attention of their hosts! With much love of detail, they commit themselves to the wellbeing of their guests and ensure, both in front of and behind the curtain, that everything is okay. So it is not surprising that Petra Sobott von Jaruntowski, when asked what she would have become if not an hotelier, has one sole answer: “Anyway not happy!“ She loves the ever-changing daily work, the interaction with people of most different cultural background, and the opportunity to organize her hotel so that every single guest is enthusiastic and wants to come back. She gets inspired by classic music, interesting conversations among friends, and nature „from the sea to the mountains,” she likes to explore with her husband and dachshund Clara. And she obviously knows how to organize a perfect day in Passau: you’ll find her very personal hints below.

My perfect day