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Hotelier Philipp Florian of Parkhotel Graz

The Parkhotel enjoys, in an exceptional way, a central yet extremely quiet situation. Perfectly situated in the beautiful historic district, it’s at the same time surrounded by generous parks and numerous cultural institutions and universities. The city center as well as the opera house and the Schauspielhaus Theater are within easy walking distance. Beyond the exclusively furnished rooms, our guests can use, in the “Little-Spa“, indoor pool, sauna, and fitness studio. The excellent cuisine and the exquisite wine cellar of the on-site Restaurant Florian are renowned beyond the borders of the city. The idyllic rose garden in the heart of the hotel has no equal in Graz.

Philipp Florian is what we could call a “genuine hotelier”: “I’m a fourth-generation hotelier and thus somehow prejudiced “, the managing director of Parkhotel Graz jests. The inherited way of life in a hotel was however just one of many reasons for his own hotelier career: “I have all along enjoyed dealing with most various people”, Philipp Florian says; as a private person, he is passionate about traveling and learning about most different cultures. Through his hotelier job, he fetched home the world, so to speak. One could call “sporty”, in the sense of challenging, the daily hotel routine with always new guests and needs so that also his second passion, i.e. sports, is well served. When Philipp Florian is not busy in his hotel, traveling, or practicing sports, he enjoys some free moments in his hometown Graz. And since he knows the city inside out, he reveals his guests two options for a perfect day: one for the warm months, the other one for the cold season. Because Graz, as the hotelier knows, is simply always worth a visit!

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