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Roman Mayrhofer

from Roman Mayrhofer

Der Wilhelmshof

Enjoyment of nature in the city – the Viennese Prater

A walk through the centuries

For the afternoon I recommend to go on a long walk through the 1st district. Walk from Schwedenplatz to Stephansplatz through numerous tiny alleys such as Hafnersteig, Schönlaterngasse as well as Dom- and Blutgasse. The narrow streets and the historical cobbled pavement revive the flair of the past centuries. It feels as if a harnessed horse team would come around the corner any moment…For those who would like to discover even more, I recommend to continue the walk to the Albertina or to the art forum. Art lovers get their money’s worth here.

Dining at a hip restaurant: My tip for lunch time

My tip for lunch time is to go to ‘Motto am Fluss’, the urban hip restaurant with sophisticated cuisine. Built directly on the Danube Canal, this restaurant offers a fantastic view on the water and onto the newly built skyline. Those who don’t have so much time can enjoy the same view from the café one level higher.

An enchanting afternoon at the Viennese Prater

What would be a visit of Austria’s capital without a tour to the world-famous Prater? The popular fairground is only a stone’s throw away from the design hotel ‘Der Wilhelmshof’. An opportunity you should not miss! Not only children love the ‘Wurstelprater’, where you can find the most famous attractions like merry-go-rounds, haunted house and many other highlights. The adjacent park is also worth a visit: a former hunting area, it has been then transformed into a huge recreational area in the heart of the city– with a surface about twice as big as New York Central Park’s! To round off the afternoon, you should return to Prater again: Sunset is the most beautiful time for a romantic ride on the big wheel –a spectacular panoramic view is guaranteed.

Stop at a tavern Vienna is a modern metropolis whose face keeps changing constantly and so it reveals exciting surprises over and over again. A real discovery is also the new guesthouse culture that knows how to combine good and solid tradition and first-class cuisine. Here, you will find delicious meals of great quality at a fantastic value for money in a laid back atmosphere. My tip: Enjoy a meal at “Weibel´s Wirtshaus“ on the “Kumpfgasse“, for instance.

Experience Vienna by night

Take an after dinner walk through the pedestrian zone Graben, Kohlmarkt and Kärntner Straße. The imperial flair of the city can be sensed here at every corner. To round off a great evening, I suggest to go for a cocktail or a drink to the ‘Sky Bar’: The view of Vienna by night, like an ocean of light, is a unique, gorgeous sight. Our guests are also very welcome at the Wilhelmshof hotel: Our tasteful hotel bar is open until midnight to spoil you with delicious cocktails and exquisite wines.

Location list
  • Schwedenplatz Schwedenplatz, Vienna, Austria
  • Stephansplatz Stephansplatz, Vienna, Austria
  • Motto am Fluss Schwedenpl. 2 1010 Wien, Österreich +43 1 2525510
  • Prater Vienna Prater, Vienna, Austria
  • Weibel´s Wirtshaus Kumpfgasse 2 1010 Wien, Österreich +43 1 5123986
  • Sky Bar Kärntner Str. 19 1010 Wien, Österreich +43 1 51317120
  • Hotel Der Wilhelmshof Hotel Wilhelmshof, Kleine Stadtgutgasse, Vienna, Austria +43 1 214 55 21-0
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Der Wilhelmshof

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