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Experience culture and history in Nuremberg

Learn to love Nuremberg: my suggestion for the morning

Those having made an extended tour across the city will soon learn to love Nuremberg’s special flair. Start walking along the bulwark, castle-moat, and herbarium garden; then climb the Kaiserburg from the northern side. Via the historic tunnel system, you’ll reach the panorama platform rewarding you for the effort with a wonderful view over Old Nuremberg with its numerous churches. Then promenade to Tiergärtner Torplatz, where Albrecht Dürer lived and worked. The unique both chic and historic flair of the city reveals itself best when you walk through the narrow lanes and streets from the beautiful mountain roads in the direction of the Main Market. My very personal tip: take your time to discover the magic details – once with a look into the picturesque inner courtyards at “Sebalder Seite”, then with a side-trip through obscure lanes and over small bridges. And for Sunday, I suggest a visit to Café Lorenz, where a wonderful brunch leaves nothing to be desired.

Stop at “Bratwursthäusle”

What would be a visit to Franconia without enjoying the delicious local cuisine? Bratwursthäusle Nuremberg, just nearby  the  Rathausplatz, is a must for any first Nuremberg trip. In my eyes, this  is simply the best bratwurst  locale of the city, deliciously grilled, and accompanied by Franconian potato salad or sauerkraut. Rolls and pretzels are available on the table, and the very hungry ones should choose the “Herzteller” with ten “Nürnberger” – small portions are served at “Weckla”. It’s particularly beautiful during summer when people sit outside and enjoy the view over Rathaus and St. Sebaldus. Good appetite!

A magic place in the heart of Nuremberg

It resembles an excursion into another time: At inner-city Café “La Violetta” with annexed flower shop, one is charmed by a particular mix of the old and the new. Those feeling at home  in  my hotel will experience here the perfect sequel of a pleasant stay. Though a self-service café, it captivates with many lovely details such as the nice silver tablets with the Cappuccino. The variegated clientele including French and British guests gives “La Violetta” an international touch. Here I’m always at ease to escape the everyday stress, relax and develop new ideas. New energy emerges with hot chocolate, tasty milk coffee, or an invigorating tea. No matter what you choose – anything is perfect! The waitresses on the counter are always friendly, and the self-made cake rounds perfectly off your visit. My very personal tip: I’m particularly fond of the apple tart, the chocolate cake is very delicious, and the cheese cake with, or without, blueberries simply fantastic!

Traditional ambiance: my tip for the evening

For dinner, I recommend my guests  to take a visit to “Albrecht-Dürer-Stuben”, family-owned restaurant  since three generations. The fresh and tasty Franconian cuisine is prepared by Michael Höllerzeder. The 450 years old half-timbered building underlines the traditional ambiance of the restaurant. With fair weather, you may fetch some refreshment at “Wanderer” situated just in front of the restaurant and simply enjoy the well-nigh most beautiful place of Nuremberg. Another good alternative is the “Altstadtbrauerei” (=old town brewery) situated just below Burgstraße.

Evening program as the whim takes you

For the evening hours, there is no standard program – as the whim takes you depending on weather conditions, Nuremberg offers many various highlights. Don’t hesitate to ask me directly for an individual suggestion. My personals hints for a perfect evening are as variegated as the city itself: an opera production, the “Tafelhalle” Bars, night life… Nuremberg has always a lot to offer!

Location list

Café Lorenz

Lorenzer Str. 23, 90402, Nürnberg, Deutschland +49 911 2059390

Café La Violetta

Obere Wörthstraße 10, 90403, Nürnberg, Deutschland +49 911 23555599


Albrecht-Dürer-Straße 6, 90403, Nürnberg, Deutschland +49 911 227209


Beim Tiergärtnertor 2, 90403, Nürnberg, Deutschland +49 162 3958220


Bergstraße 19, 90403, Nürnberg, Deutschland +49 911 227217

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