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Corina Angrick

from Corina Angrick

Hotel Barbara

Strolling and enjoying in Freiburg’s old town

Freiburg moments in the morning

“Have your tasty breakfast with delight and humor, so you’ll avoid any stress” – true to this motto, the breakfast buffet at our Hotel Barbara ensures the perfect start into the vacation day. No matter if it is romantic in parlor, stylish in the winter-garden, or snug in the sunny “Gärtle” (=little garden): there are many favorite places where I prefer to commence my day. Fresh fruit salad, home-made Bircher Muesli, a large selection of sausages and cheeses, and an excellent tomato-mozzarella ensure a delicious start. My suggestion: despite such a delicious breakfast, reserve some space for the numerous delicacies the day will have to offer!

At my hotel, I want to familiarize my guests with the typical “Freiburg Moments”. This means for instance a deeper immersion into the region’s history. A great opportunity is provided by archaeological museum “Colombi-Schlössle”, a neo-Gothic villa situated in the homonymous Colombi-Park just behind Hotel Barbara. The museum’s focus is on the history of human development on Upper Rhine from Stone Age to early Middle-Ages. One should take one’s time: in the underground treasury vault, they exhibit for example magnificent funerary goods such as jewels and arms from Allemanic graves.

For the time after this visit, I recommend a short break at the Café of luxury hotel Colombi, directly in front of Colombi-Park. With its Mediterranean flair, Bistro-Café “Graf Anton” is already a real institution in the city of Freiburg. There is the city’s best Cappuccino preferably combined with a “St. Honoré” cake slice – a famous specialty of the house! After these culinary delights, a little city stroll is exactly the right thing: from the Café, go straight ahead in the direction of Unterlinden, towards our next destination: Münsterplatz.

Market bustle at Münsterplatz

Via Schiffstraße and shopping mall “Kajo” (short for Kaiser-Joseph-Straße), through Engelstraße, and along Kornhaus – that’s the way to Münsterplatz market. I’m magically attracted to the “Rote”, i.e. Freiburg’s famous Minster Sausage with onions and mustard. Those rather keen on another delicacy don’t have to seek: innumerous delicacies ranging from pickled fruits and fresh vegetables to Stefan’s probably best cheesecake worldwide are available there. Very important: I use to go to Münsterplatz by high noon, at the latest, since just a few hours later, everything has already been cleared. As an alternative to the “Rote” or Stefan’s cheesecake, there are excellent inns around Münsterplatz where you find the suitable thing for all tastes. To round off a pleasant lunch hour, a glass of wine from Kaiserstuhl at “Alte Wache” should not be refused.

Sightseeing in the afternoon

After so many delicacies, it’s high time for a short sightseeing tour. Don’t miss Freiburg’s Minster closely situated at the homonymous square. Construction works on this Gothic and Romanesque church took three centuries – and it is as fascinating as it always was. After the visit of the Minster, go via Buttergasse and Schusterstraße in the direction of Schlossberg. Along the way, Freiburg’s probably most beautiful lane (Konviktstraße) invites to an extended stroll with great shops such as gourmet food store “Culinara”. At the road’s end, ascend Greiffeneck-Schlössle through Schwabentor via elevator or by foot; there is a fantastic view over Freiburg and a great beer garden under chestnut trees, an ideal place for a short rest. Back again at Schwabentor, I use to make a side-trip to “Insel” quarter. This historic district captivates through its marvelous houses dating back from 16th and 17th centuries. A little further on, there is Augustinerplatz where I turn to the left, along a brook, towards Fischerau, Freiburg’s “Little Venice”. My suggestion: don’t fail to schedule a short break at Altstadtcafé, preferably on the terrace above the brook and enjoy your five-o’clock tea! The culmination point of my city stroll is at Markthalle where people gather with Champaign and selected snacks under the motto “To see and be seen”.

Sophisticated and romantic: my suggestion for the evening

Freiburg par excellence – to me, that means Münsterplatz and its surroundings with a variegated gastronomy. My today’s favorite for a culinary experience is “Oberkirchs Weinstube”. Here you enjoy, in a unique historic ambiance, the best classics among regional specialties. I particularly like “Schwarzwälder Schäufele” with red wine sauce and a big salad dish, accompanied by a dry Gutedel wine from Marktgräferland. First-class culinary delights are also available at “Roter Bär” in Oberlinden near Schwabentor, Germany’s oldest tavern. An excellent, creative cuisine in a noble ambiance – that’s what you are offered at “Wolfshöhle” on the corner Konviktstraße/Münzgasse. Strongly invigorated, one is then prepared to immerse into Freiburg’s nightlife.

Sparkling diversity

For the evening, I’ve devised a lot of highlights – depending on how the whim takes you. And as most locations are situated in the center, you can celebrate a perfect stroll across the nocturnal scene. Friday evening, there must be a stop at Markthalle with live music and exquisite drinks. As an alternative, I recommend a side-trip to Irish Pub “Isle of Innifee” at Augustinerplatz, whereas jazz fans get their money’s worth at “Jazzhaus” situated close to our hotel. Theater fans can enjoy a performance at Stadttheater, Cala-Theater, or Wallgrabentheater, and those looking for the perfect mix of Bar, Café, and Club are dead on at “Kagan” near main railway station. What’s about calmly enjoying a first-class cocktail with friends in an elegant atmosphere? The “Hemingway Bar” at Hotel Victoria is exactly the right place for this! Here I like to conclude the evening and – after taking a “Zombie” – hit the trail homewards. Very fortunately, Hotel Barbara is just around the corner!

Location list
  • Alte Wache Münsterplatz 38, 79098, Freiburg im Breisgau, Deutschland +49 761 202870
  • Culinara Konviktstraße 21, 79098, Freiburg im Breisgau, Deutschland +49 761 37536
  • Altstadtcafé Gerberau 12, 79098, Freiburg im Breisgau, Deutschland +49 761 30503
  • Oberkirchs Weinstube Münsterplatz 22, 79098, Freiburg im Breisgau, Deutschland +49 761 2026868
  • Wolfshöhle Konviktstraße 8, 79098, Freiburg im Breisgau, Deutschland +49 761 30303
  • Zum Roten Bären Oberlinden 12, 79098, Freiburg im Breisgau, Deutschland +49 761 387870
  • Kagan Bismarckallee 9, 79098, Freiburg im Breisgau, Deutschland
  • Hemingway Bar Eisenbahnstraße 54, 79098, Freiburg im Breisgau, Deutschland +49 761 207340
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